Thursday, May 19, 2005


Sorry about the lack of posts recently but there is a very good reason.

I couldn't be arsed.

No, actually, it partly was apathy but partly that I have exams starting next week and I've been muddling through revision for that.

There's only one thing to talk about and that's (last) Monday night's Insight on ITV. It was an interview with David Trimble and it was asking what his legacy would be.

My own view is that for the next few years at least opinion on him will be split unfortunately down sectarian lines. Generally, Unionists will feel that he sold them out and Nationalist will see the positive side of his time as leader (GFA mainly). Over time, however, there will be a kind of revisionism within Unionism and Unionist will be more willing to accept that he acheived a lot and Northern Ireland is better off for having him around.


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