Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stewart's day.

Who's Stewart, I hear you ask. Many moons ago (or even when Tony Blair called the election) I made a joke that went something like "Tony Blair has called the election, Stewart I think he's called it." Well, Stewart is finally here. And it looks as if he's bringing another Labour victory with. No surprise really when you consider that the economy's pretty healthy, Michael Howard's pretty crap, and the Lib Dems are, well...

Here in good old Northern Ireland however, it's more of the same. With our electorate split between Unionists and Nationalists there's no chance for "normal" politics and I'm sick of it. However, I believe we should all exercise our right to vote so as a member of a party outside the mainstream I wondered was it right to cast my vote in favour of the candidate I think would be best for the constituency (East Antrim). I've decided that is right and therefore I will be voting SDLP (If I vote).

Away from politics, Liverpool are in the Champions League final. Who would have thought last May when we crawled into fourth place in the Premiership that a year later we'd be back in the final of Europe's top competition after 20 years. The sheen may be taken off our victory if we beat AC Milan on May 25th because it's looking increasingly likely that Everton will take fourth place, so with UEFA refusing to give England an extra place we may not get a chance to defend the trophy unless the FA nominate us instead of Everton to compete next season.

It's tricky this because as a Liverpool fan I naturally want us to play in the Champions League and we should be able to defend it. Everton, however, deserve it because their finishing fourth seemed less likely than us winning the Champions League. They may not get this opportunity again.


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