Saturday, February 25, 2006

Love Ulster at it again

I don't really have the time nor the inclination to delve into what drives the Love Ulster mob (maybe not the right word to use after today's scenes but... meh) but from an outsider's point of view I have to ask why these people feel the need to profess their love for a province which we know they love (because they're unionists). However, I don't want to get down on Love Ulster - this is how they choose to show their "loyalty" so fair enough. (However, one wonders why they chose Dublin for the rally.)

Republican Sinn Fein, however, are a disgrace in my eyes. No one would expect them to agree with the march and having a cauntermarch - fair enough, but the fact that some RSF marchers (from what I here) instigated the violence won't endear that organisation to unionists, loyalists, the British government, the Irish government or even possibly to mainstream Republicanism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this goes to prove that Sinn Fein/IRA don’t want a PROD about the place.

A real own goal - hows Gerry and Martin going to explain this in Washington ?

Headlines on CNN “IRA supporters disrupt parade, attack police”


11:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JC why are you spamming blogs with the same Anti-Republican comments?

As you have been told on other Blogs Sinn Fein clearly stated before time of the march that NO member of their organisation or followers should attend!

And why do they have to explain anything to Washington? That’s right because your guys are the "freedom" experts, god bless you all.

The people that done this are the low end life of the Dublin society, people that you clearly cannot see or know anything about.

9:47 am  
Blogger Sir Aunty Christ said...

I think I made the distinction between Republican Sinn Fein and mainstream Republicanism - i.e. Sinn Fein.

10:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might have - but the news stations around the world hasn't - great stuff - it helps our cause 200%

Wonder when the next parade date is.


6:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JC check the Loyalist calender, its easy marked as the summer months.

What cause are you refering too?

4:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Victims cause - as i've said its Shows that republicans don't want a Prod about the place.

After 30yrs of murder what have they gained - NOTHING - we're still part of the UK the Queen will be visiting the Free State very soon - MI5 are at the very top of the IRA and the Americans don't want to know Gerry or Martin anymore.

The game is over !!


5:08 pm  

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