Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hope for the Left?

Last week Channel 4 showed 3 episodes (why only 3 episodes?) from Morgan Spurlock's excellent series 30 Days and this got me thinking that "liberal" America has had a kind of Renaissance during the Bush presidency and it is the result of post-9/11 hysteria. People like Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore have seen the need to speak out against what they see as being wrong with America but in different ways. Michael Moore is much more "in your face" whereas Morgan Spurlock is subtler, using the 30 Day technique to highlight Americans' predjudices and sometime insane practices

I think we see a lot of "liberal" America via TV and Film but the unfortunate thing is that it seems to be only media elite, people like Spurlock, Moore and George Clooney who seem to be prominant. Ordinary America still has the image, despite anti-war protests, of being very conservative and ignorant.


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