Saturday, September 16, 2006

I don't mean to be down on the DUP all the time but...

Home attacks self-inflicted - DUP

This news item reminded of a debate about the Good Friday Agreement between Jim Wells of the DUP and Alex Attwood of the SDLP which I attended a few years ago when I had just started at Queens.

At the time I took a decidely pro-agreement stance but didn't feel qualified to challange the DUP's position. The above article makes me think of the DUP's attitude since becoming the largest party at the 2003 Assembly elections. It seems unwilling to do anything to usher in an new era in Northern Ireland. I sincerely hope the views expressed in the article aren't representative of the DUP's position but it is these views which could hold back the peace process should the DUP remain the provinces's largest party.

It's possible that there is a policy split within the DUP considering these blatently sectarian comments were made after Gregory Campbell said that ex-prisoners could join the PSNI if they have "repented". Although he seems to be a lone voice on that one.